Author: IAW Vorstand

Gelände Mainfranken Messe 2019 0

Mainfranken Fair 2019

The Mainfranken fair in Würzburg on the Würzburger Talavera is one of the most visited regional fairs in Bavaria. The event will be presented as the most important forum for information and shopping in...

Frühling International 2019 0

Spring International and Europe Day 2019

On Sunday, 12.05.2019, the European City of Würzburg organised the “Spring International & Europe Day”. From 11:00 to 17:30 the International Societies of Würzburg as well as European clubs presented themselves on a tour...

Journée de la diaspora africaine en allemagne 0

Day of the African diaspora in Germany

Saturday 14.04.2018 was the day of the African diaspora in Germany. To this end, was proposed and organized by IAW e.V., a conference in the premises of KHG (Katholische Hochschul Gemeinde).   Our speaker and...