Description of IAW IT

IAW is the technical core of IAW e.V., responsible for its virtual visibility. This department was created during the first meeting of the association in April 2016. Its main task is to create a virtual platform for internal and external communication of the association. This includes tasks such as support, maintenance and management of the association’s official website or management of the association’s computer nomenclature (server, domain, etc.). Realizing that the new information and communication technologies will radically revolutionize our future, we have set up a knowledge transfer program within the association. This will serve to generate excitement and incentive for information technology among members within the association. This is achieved through various events such as workshops with current and interesting topics.

The current structure of IAW IT is defined by the following figure:

Any member of the association can also become a member of the IAW IT if he has an interest in the computer science or just by curiosity. We are also looking forward to members with or without knowledge in the field. For more information about the membership of IAW IT or in general about the association, please write to us using our contact form: