IAW Student

IAW STUDENT is one of the initiatives of IAW e.V, whose main subject is the full and complete development of students of African descent in and around Würzburg. He is in charge of the academic, social and financial supervision of the students. At its heart, we find students, but also other people who have already completed their degree course.
As mentioned above, we accompany students and aspiring students in a global process: before, during and after graduation. First of all, before the studies, accompanying them in the different administrative procedures with the higher educational establishments of Würzburg. But also for language courses, for those who do not have German degrees and wish to study in German. Then during the studies, with tutors, who can orient them during their studies. Finally after the studies, by organizing seminars, or with tutors who can orient them.
Student life is not just about the academic part, we also support students who do not have German nationality, in the administrative procedures at the town council for the extension of the visa and others. Knowing the financial difficulties faced by many of us, IAW STUDENT offers channels to facilitate the search for a student job. But also we propose some solutions in the search for decent housing for those who do not have one.
IAW STUDENT organizes, among other things, discussion meetings, seminars and many other events during the semester. In order to enhance the image of our beautiful mother (AFRICA) to everyone in the city of Würzburg and its surroundings, anyone wishing to participate in this initiative is welcome.