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The city of Wurzburg, with a population of 125.873 (state: 31th of December 2015), is one of the biggest towns in Bavaria. She lies in the Main triangle in a valley kettle in the middle Main valley. In the town one can find the most important assembly-line waters of the region: The Main.



  • With very good climate terms, Wurzburg counts to one of the popular wine-growing area. Three of the fifteen biggest German vineyards are resident in Wurzburg.Würzburg wine-growing-area
  • Numerous true monument makes tourists of this town always very contented Among the rest, the fortress Marien’s mountain is the best-known town’s landmark. She served for centuries as a ruling seat of the Wurzburg prince bishops. Although it was altered and developed in the course of the time several times.Howerver it receives a very much older part which comes from the year 706 namely the Marien’s church. Except the fortress there is other interesting visual worthiness like the Würzburger residence or the museum in the cathedral which are of great importance. For tourism, the city of Wurzburg is simply suitable very much.Würzburg Marien's church
  • With a traffic-favourable situation, this town is a popular meeting place for many events and many festivals. Since one is by train in roughly four hours in Berlin and to Frankfurt am Main there are 120 kilometres. The Africa-festivals, which is especially very much popular will take place every year in the town and counts as the biggest event of this kind in whole Europe. More and more visitors are glad to take part in this event.Würzburg Talavera



The city of Wurzburg offers a wide and innovative professional spectrum to eager students. This is developed within the scope of the university-wide high-class management future-oriented. Moreover, the research enjoys at the Julius Maximillian’s university of WurzburgResidenz Würzburg

and to the college for applied sciences Wurzburg-Schweinfurt, worldwide a very good call, because year after year it is produced excellent scientists. Please contact  IAW Student  for more informations

Würzburg FHWS

In the end, one can ascertain, the city of Wurzburg is ideal to life and to study. With a dream situation, an education of the first quality and a festivals-taking place, the life can be enjoyed here and one finds himself.

Würzburg Bridge