The Association

IAW e.V.: The association

“Together we are strong” or “together we can do it”. In Africa this is commonly translated by the  adage that says, “we do not attach a broom with one hand”. The cradle of humanity is today faced with a huge and primordial challenge in the field of  development. It is obvious that the adage quoted above justifies all its contextual meaning.

That said, it is important that the natives and friends of the very dear continent, whatever their place  of establishment makes their modest contribution to meet this challenge. It is with this in mind that Africans in the city of Würzburg and the surrounding area have developed
a refined and original instrument called IAW .e.V, the ” Initiative Afrika Würzburg eingetragene Verein “, resulting in the grouping of Africans from Würzburg around initiatives.

Behind these letters hide more than a reference: a platform for gathering and exchanging ideas  within the promotion of initiatives for the well being of Africans. It is therefore an impulse to  highlight knowledge and live together to acquire certain ingredients in terms of development. IAW .e.V invites everyone to be part of a special and unique experience for the Africa of tomorrow.

IAW e.V.: The structure

The following picture shows the structure of the association