Our mailing list

Subscribe to our mailing list on Google. This list will be used to broadcast the various meetings of the association and events organized by the latter. Any member of the association IAW e.V. will also be able to share happy moments (births, weddings, festivities, etc …), as well as unfortunate ones (deaths of loved ones, illness of the members, etc …) and cultural events.

This distribution list must be used in a way that respects the association and its members. It is strictly forbidden for every person:

  • To send jokes, to offend others
  • To send or link infringing texts, pictures, video recordings. You can make yourself punishable under the Civil Code.

Every sender should basically read and check what he / she sends to save us an unpleasant, but necessary control task. The person who violates these rules will be warned. In case of repeated violation, the person will be banned from the distribution list. Of course, all messages are checked by the responsible persons before they are distributed.

Everyone is welcome in the IAW e.V. community and therefore on the Google mailing list. To subscribe, please click here. You can also use our contact form and have the administrators insert you. To do this, you must give your lastname, firstname and email address.

IAW e.V. thanks you for your trust and your participation.