Join Now!

Join now and actively participate in our work! If you are interested in working with us, just come to one of our meetings – or contact us via the contact form. We look forward to meeting you!

For us to achieve the set goals, we need you as …

  • Full member
  • extraordinary member
  • Sponsor and donator

We welcome people who are open to intercultural encounters and willing to perform reliable tasks that fit their interests and time opportunities, as well as help the association to realize its goals and projects.

Here is how you can help:

  • Visit our events
  • Visit our meetings. The meetings are open to anyone interested. Here we plan our events and discuss content topics. The dates of our meetings will be published via the distribution list.

You can support our work through regular financial contributions. The annual membership fee is currently:

  • for private persons: 50, – Euro
  • for students and young people up to 18 years: 25, – Euro

Find out more about membership in IAW e.V. through our statute. You will also find additional information on how our association works.

You want to become a member? It is very simple, just download our membership form here, fill it, sign it and send it to us via post (you will find our address here)

For companies and the self-employed we offer not only ordinary and extraordinary membership but also the possibility as donator and sponsor. These give opportunity for a targeted commitment, which in turn is tax deductible by a donation receipt. More information here.