Presentation of the board members of IAW



Chairman 1:
➢ Mr. Brice Kamneng Kwam
➢ Is the opinion that we can do with an African association many, what would be impossible without and believes to be able to properly manage this administrative board.




Chairman 2:
➢ Mr. Koffi Regis Shandorph Kpokpoya
➢ wants to share his experiences and those of older students with the new generation of foreign students. It is important to him that they can be well integrated and, above all get along with their courses of study.




General Secretary:
➢ Mr. David Aboudi Aboudi II
➢ Set a high value on good work and want things to go well. In order for this association to work properly and reach many goals, he is here.




Vice General Secretary:
➢ Mr. Joel Francis Affouou Aboudi
➢ would like to participate in this project and is sure to achieve a lot in his position.




➢ Mrs. Christelle Guilene Magne Bogne
➢ is interested in everything that has to do with finances. Everything will work with her here like clockwork.



Cash auditors:
➢ Mr. Steve Ledoux Bekemen De Sil
➢ Looking forward to working with the association and brings many experiences and answers to the many questions that deal with finance.





Association Speaker:
➢ Mr. Vincent Fungula
➢ is more than communicative. Since he will constantly update information on the website, he is very motivated, especially because it is also connected with his studies. It’s time for him to do something concrete.